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Car Makers, Fashion Giants, and Pet Food Brands Seek Web3 Trademarks as 2023 Rolls On

Even if there has been a general slowdown in linked markets, it would seem that multinational firms have not slowed down their trademark applications covering the metaverse, Web3, crypto, and nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

During the month of February, which is about to come to a close, companies such as General Motors, Lacoste, and Walmart made their mark in the Web3 space by filing trademark applications relating to the platform. The month of January was much more hectic than usual.

One of the most recent files in connection with the NFT was the automotive giant General Motors, which, on February 16, submitted applications for two new trademarks covering its Chevrolet and Cadillac names. These applications were filed in connection with the NFT.

According to the application, the company has an interest in non-fungible tokens that can be authenticated as downloaded digital media files featuring collectable artwork, text, music, and video.

The next day, on February 18, the French apparel manufacturer Lacoste submitted five trademark applications for the “CHAMPS-ELYSEES” name and logo. In the applications, detailed designs are provided for NFTs, software for cryptographic transactions, virtual clothes, storefronts selling virtual items, and services related to virtual real estate.

Mike Kondoudis, an attorney registered by the USPTO to practice trademark law, announced on Twitter at the beginning of February that the American multinational retail business Walmart has filed trademark applications for the “SamsClub” name and logo.

The retail juggernaut said that it has ambitions to use NFTs, blockchain software, virtual reality healthcare, cryptocurrency trading, brokerage services, and financial services.

The month of January was no exception, with numerous companies, including the National Geographic Society, the pet food company Pedigree, the insurance company Nationwide, the Irish distillers Jameson, the French fashion giant Yves Saint-Laurent, and others, filing trademark applications relating to the terms Web3, NFT, metaverse, and cryptocurrency.

Kondoudis said that trademark applications are “reliable signs of future intentions to utilize marks for the items and services indicated in the applications” in an interview with Cointelegraph that took place one month ago.

In addition, the intellectual property lawyer said that in 2022, despite the negative market, there were a record amount of trademark applications submitted for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), metaverse products, and crypto-related goods.


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