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Cardano Primed For Explosive Rally Thanks To Upcoming Feature Giving Users Direct Access To Ethereum Dapps From ADA Wallets

After the approaching deployment of a new functionality that will allow users to smoothly use an EVM contract straight from any ADA wallet, Cardano is on its way to become a top chain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

By next month, the Cardano ecosystem team will deploy a game-changing breakthrough that will elevate ADA to the top of the EVM chain. Sebastien Guillemot, a leading blockchain developer and Milkomeda co-founder, confirmed the news on Thursday.

Users will be able to connect with dApps and other smart contract services on the Ethereum Virtual Machine contracts without leaving the Cardano ecosystem thanks to the new capability on Milkomeda. This also means that Ethereum developers will be able to create applications for the Cardano network using Ethereum’s native Solidity programming language. Furthermore, transactions and operations on these EVM contracts will be carried out using ADA rather than ether, increasing the asset’s utility for developers and users.

Milkomeda will also enable staking for all EVM users, including smart contract developers, who will be rewarded every five days for working on the Cardano EVM-compatible sidechain.

Guillemot also mentioned the increased activity on Milkomeda connected to the implementation of the Paima engine, a blockchain gaming innovation. According to him, this might convert Cardano into a future powerhouse for on-chain gaming.

Cardano enthusiasts are ecstatic about the upcoming Milkomeda feature, with one community member noting, “I don’t think people appreciate how big this is.” EVM and Solidity are used by nearly all web3 developers. This simply opened the door for them.”

Another Cardano supporter described the upcoming functionality as “groundbreaking,” since it will enhance the TVL of the ADA ecosystem as well as the transaction count on Cardano. While the majority of people are pleased with this progress, some are not. For one user, this means that Cardano’s only hope of success is to integrate Ethereum’s architecture. In other words, Cardano will de facto become an ERC-20 coin.


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