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Celestia and Tron Take back Seats as Investors Get Ready for the Moon With Milei Moneda Launch


  • TIA’s long-term prospects attract investors from all over the market.
  • Tron’s TRX climbs milestones and launches marketplace as alt season draws near.
  • Milei Moneda is among the altcoins to watch this year. Join the presale for 100% gains.

The crypto-verse has come a long way since Bitcoin hit the market, but the elite token still keeps its influence on the rest of the market. Top DeFi projects have been on the rise for the past two weeks, but Tron (TRX) and Celestia (TIA) seem to have joined the party late. Both altcoins are already in the greens, though, and a new meme coin, Milei Moneda ($MEDA), is rising steadily alongside. Here’s what the market says about the three tokens.

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Celestia: Cosmos-Based Network Pushes for Bull Run Profits

Cosmos came into existence to introduce even more solutions to cryptocurrency. And more solutions it has provided. Celestia is one of Cosmos’s more successful platforms, and it’s contributing to enhancing easy retrieval and availability of data.

Celestia protocol uses rollups and L2 chains to achieve the needed scalability for its operations. The TIA blockchain also provides light nodes for transaction verification, ensuring that TIA users only need to download a portion of the transaction blocks to verify their data.

With its L2 chains, Celestia can interact with blockchains from other networks, encouraging interoperability in the cryptocurrency market. Now, analysts opine that this interoperability will form the basis of TIA’s success among other top DeFi coins this year.

Already, the TIA token is trading at 10% weekly profits. Celestia might have arrived at the profits party later than other top altcoins, but TIA is definitely one to watch as the Bitcoin halving closes in.

Tron: Milestones, Projects, and Profits Have Defined the Last Few Weeks on TRX Ecosystem

In the past weeks, we have seen Tron reach a record 95 million active addresses in the crypto-verse. The growing Tron platform is evidence of neverending innovation and TRX’s accessibility to users.

With that record, Tron has more users than top crypto coins Avalanche and Cardano, and it can only get better for TRX. Tron CEO Justin Sun has planned out another set of projects for the year, and one to look forward to is the inscription marketplace.

Just like the Bitcoin Ordinals, the inscription marketplace on Tron will see users and developers create Tron-based NFTs for use in the crypto-verse. As the Web3 space grows, more innovations like these are likely to emerge, and Tron intends to make the most of the user base.

TRX is yet to react to the announcement of the inscription marketplace, but that shouldn’t take long. TRX seems set for more long-term gains this time.

Milei Moneda: Get Your Crypto Portfolios up With $MEDA Investments

It’s looking to be quite a year for meme coins again, and Milei Moneda seems to be the statement cryptocurrency ICO this year. Taking its cue from Pepe, the $MEDA token is bringing in elements from both DeFi and memes, appealing to both beginner traders and experts.

So don’t be surprised when you hear about smart contracts and deflationary features on Milei Moneda. Yes, the meme coin will implement smart contracts to enhance its trading operations, while the deflationary measures ensure $MEDA doesn’t end up like most meme tokens. From each transaction, an amount of $MEDA coins gets burned from circulation, raising the value of Milei Moneda on the crypto charts.

And that’s not all. Experts recommend you HODL your Milei Moneda tokens for trending NFTs, which you can stake again for even better rewards. With other freebies, discounts, and giveaway options, a Milei Moneda investment is a win-win for all.

Join the ongoing $MEDA presale today; Milei Moneda tokens are going for $0.010 each, and early buyers are set for 100% profits by mid-year. 

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