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Celsius App to Shut Down, Firm Identifies PayPal for BTC Distribution

Celsius, the trailblazing crypto lending platform that faced financial challenges, has just unveiled its updated disclosure statement. This announcement unveils the company’s strategy to close down its app within the upcoming three months. This decision is a pivotal part of their comprehensive initiative to simplify operations, fine-tune distribution processes, and enrich the user journey.

In this statement, Celsius has laid out its blueprint for offering significant crypto-based recoveries to its creditors. Specifically, the company aims to distribute easily tradeable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to eligible creditors. This ambitious distribution plan amounts to roughly $2.03 billion, though it’s susceptible to potential fluctuations in the values of BTC and ETH.

Simultaneously, the choice to retire the Celsius App after ninety days is rooted in several considerations. Foremost among them is the financial burden of keeping the platform operational for an extended time to manage withdrawal processes.

Celsius has chosen to collaborate with external distribution partners to ensure a streamlined procedure. Among these partners, PayPal has emerged as a strong contender for handling certain distributions to individual creditors within the United States. For other distributions, Celsius is actively scouting for additional distribution agents. If suitable partners can’t be identified, Celsius commits to maintaining its platform for ninety days post the effective date to facilitate distributions to specific creditors.

Celsius’ experience managing cryptocurrency withdrawals for Custody and Withhold Account Holders informed the decision to settle on a ninety-day timeline. As the Celsius App enters its winding-down phase, users are strongly advised to take prompt action and save their transaction histories for personal reference before the deactivation date. Once the app goes offline, users will lose access to their Celsius accounts and the platform itself.


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