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CEO Fitzpatrick Indicates George Soros’ Family Office Owns Bitcoin

According to Soros Fund CEO/CIO Dawn Fitzpatrick, Billionaire investor George Soros’ family office, Soros Fund Management has investment in bitcoin.
More so, Fitzpatrick goes on to tell Bloomberg in an interview on Tuesday that,
From our perspective again, we own some coins, not a lot, and the…”
“…coins themselves are less interesting than the use use cases of DeFi and things like that.”

Additionally, this is merely a confirmation of the speculations of the Soros Fund’s involvement in cryptocurrency, esp. bitcoin. Fitzpatrick statements on Tuesday confirm this claims. Notably, Soros Fund is also an investor in crypto firms such as NYDIG and Lukka. However, this seems to be its first public confirmation of having investments in cryptocurrency directly.

“I’m not sure bitcoin is only viewed as an inflation hedge. Here I think it’s crossed the chasm to mainstream…”
“…Cryptocurrencies now have a market cap of over $2 trillion…”
“…There’s 200 million users around the world, so I think this has gone mainstream,”

Fitzpatrick goes on to add…

Fitzpatrick Take On CBDCs

In March, Fitzpatrick reveals thoughts on CBDC’s ie central bank digital currencies. She goes on to say that CBDCs “are going to be here I think quicker than people expect.”

Meanwhile, she gives an example of China’s CBDC trials and explains how China’s Digital Yuan will be like.

“potential threat to other bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”
But she added that it will be temporary, saying,
“I don’t think they’ll be successful in permanently destabilizing bitcoin.”

Conclusively, Many more Family offices and hedge fund giants continues to go deep into crypto. Which of course, Fitzpatrick gives us insight on the Soros Fund’s involvement. For instance, Steve Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management recently announces investing in crypto startups like Messari and Zero Hash. Also, Billionaire investor Dan Loeb’s Third Point fund also holds cryptocurrency as reports shows.

Photo credit – Forbes.

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