Chainlink Survives Massive Spam Attack

Chainlink (Courtesy: Twitter)

Oracle platform Chainlink survived a massive spam attack which was directed to prevent nodes from providing data to blockchain app developers. The spam attack on Chainlink was carried out on August 30.

The development of the news was confirmed by Rory Piant, Director of Community at Chainlink Labs, on Telegram.

He said that the platform was able to overcome a large spam attack for the first time adding that the network was able to continue operating normally and within expected parameters.

An attacker attempted to spam Chainlink with excessive requests during the incident. Piant says that the attack lasted for “a few hours” but did not impact the network’s performance.

Chainlink nodes had to pay higher ETH fees (or gas fees) in order to continue operating during the attack. According to Piant, node operators were willing to pay those costs to maintain their reputation in the long-term despite higher costs in the short term.