China, boosting a blockchain for court reform


The blockchain storage technology is being carried out by the courts of China, in order to record court hearings.

July 8, as stated by China’s local news, Shanghai courts are using Blockchain technology.

The conference was held at Shanghai high court where the participants examined that Minhang District People’s Court utilized blockchain technology to record a property transfer contract dispute. 

“The metadata table which records the file name, file size, file generation time and other information of the court record files and written materials is generated instantly. The audio-visual conversion record, the metadata table confirmed by the parties’ signature and other materials were completely presented in the “electronic file” of the case.”

According to the report, The Shanghai court record reform pilot reportedly started around March this year. A tally of 260 courts have been established and deployed to aid the reform in less than three months.

A whole of 90 business courts and 493 judges have pertained to the trial record reform, and 4261 trials have been finalized.

Many other courts in China have enforced blockchain technology as the best way to ensure properties with an electronic seal.