Chingari App Responds to Unfounded Accusations of Adult Entertainment Development

Chingari, the popular short-video-making app, has swiftly responded to a report that wrongly accused them of developing an adult entertainment app through their paid 1-on-1 video call feature. In a statement released on Monday, the company categorically denied these claims, emphasizing that they are completely unfounded.

The report scrutinized Chingari’s alleged shift towards “18+ content with paid live 1-on-1 calls between creators and users.” It also highlighted recruitment posts targeting creators with enticing promises of significant earnings. Additionally, the report pointed out various suggestive social media advertisements and videos.

Chingari, however, has clarified that their Private Call feature is designed to enable users to interact with each other using video mode. During live streams, viewers can actively participate by commenting, asking questions, and even sending virtual gifts. This feature presents an opportunity for content creators to monetize their content. The company vehemently dismissed the claim that Chingari has exclusively pivoted towards the paid live 1-on-1 call feature.

“The Private Call feature is interactive, allowing viewers to engage by commenting, asking questions, and sending virtual gifts during the stream. It provides creators with the means to monetize their time. The accusation of Chingari’s complete pivot towards paid live 1-on-1 calls is baseless,” the company stated firmly.

Chingari further emphasized that the Private Call feature represents only one aspect of their multifaceted app. They highlighted that it was introduced in response to the absence of any established platform that enables direct communication between users and their favorite creators. Additionally, the company assured users that they employ a robust artificial intelligence-based model and a team of moderators to detect and monitor any Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content.

“Chingari’s Private Call is just one of the many features offered by our app. Therefore, it is erroneous to assume that we have completely shifted our focus to this feature alone. Furthermore, the motivation behind introducing this feature stems from the unavailability of legacy platforms that facilitate direct conversations with cherished creators,” the company argued.

Chingari takes the issue of NSFW content very seriously and values feedback and suggestions from its community. They are committed to building a platform that caters to the needs of their users while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

“As a community-driven platform, we prioritize the concerns regarding NSFW content. We are receptive to feedback and suggestions,” the company added.

The Inc42 report raised questions about Chingari’s new feature and monetization model, pointing out that the app’s parental rating on the Google Play Store was changed to 18+. However, it is essential to note that the personal video call feature was introduced in April less recently than the change in parental rating suggests.

Chingari’s prompt response to the accusations and clear explanations should alleviate any concerns and reaffirm their commitment to providing a secure and engaging platform for users and content creators alike.

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