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Chipotle to Giveaway Free Cryptocurrencies worth $200,000

Chipotle is giving away $200,000 worth of free cryptocurrency to customers who play its recently launched game “Buy the Dip.”

On 25th July, Chiptole announced that the company would be giving away $10,000.00 ETH, $13,750.00 SOL, $14,250.00 DOGE, many $45,000.00 BTC, and $14,250.00 AVAX.

In addition, Promo codes for 1-cent guac and 1-cent Queso Blanco would also be given to the players.

Chipotle did a similar play in April 202 where the restaurant brand gave away around $100,000 worth of BTC for National Burrito Day celebration.

Also, companies like Burger King have done a similar stunt where the company gave away Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin after members spent $5 on the restaurant’s app.

It’s raining crypto in Chipotle’s world

For the members to play “Buy the Dip,” they would first have to log in or sign up for Chipotle Reward Loyalty Program. After that, they can play games on the promotion’s website.

Only three plays a day are allowed on each account as the game runs through 31st July.

Five customers would get $2000 in Bitcoin per day. Another five $1000 in Ethereum. Another five $250 in Solana. And 20 others would get each $150 Avalanche or $150 Dogecoin.

On the day of National Avocado Day i.e 31st July, the company will boost the prizes with 5 people getting $5000 in Bitcoin and one getting $10,000.

What about the ones left? They will get coupons.

In addition, Chipotle has partnered with Flexa, the global leader in pure digital payment.

Using the Flexa app, guests can pay for the real food from Chipotle by using 98 different digital currencies.


These creative schemes made by different brands are a solid testament to the growing social value and impact of cryptocurrency in many facets. As a result, more and more companies will pull out some game or promotion that involves cryptocurrencies, whether in a gamified or transactional environment.

It also hints at the future play of these restaurants in the metaverse, for these brands will use cryptocurrencies as instruments of exchange and transaction.

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