ChromaWay Gets Approval By US Government To Extend Military Services

CW (Courtesy: Twitter)
CW (Courtesy: Twitter)

In a major boost, Blockchain technology based company ChromaWay established in 2014, has been approved by the US Government to do business with civilian agencies and military services.

The company announced the same via a Tweet on their official handle and shared a link for registration.

Earlier, Chromaway participated as a finalist in the AFWERX/JADC2 Challenge. The details shared on it official website said that ChromaWay’s presentation to AFWERX/JADC2 participants on June 15, 2020 focused on introducing the concept of the relational blockchain.

More specifically, how chromia’s relational blockchain infrastructure addresses these deficiencies and enables the Air Force to develop rich applications on our blockchain ledger, utilizing primitives like  our single sign-on (SSO) user authentication capability to share data across the services ecosystem.

Because most military applications are already written on top of relational databases, a new generation of interoperable distributed applications can provide both performance and security in tackling some of the most pressing challenges.

For the purposes of the event, ChromaWay presented a blockchain-based Military Asset Registry (MAR). Much like property, green asset, and company registration registries built on Chromia, the MAR enables:

  • Dynamic, data sharing across among categories of allies and partners many of whom are not directly integrated with each other.
  • A diverse set of participants to validate information on the blockchain to support military, intelligence, and humanitarian missions
  • Airmen to identify devices, competitors, combatants, and friendly versus hostile locations
  • A cryptographically secure repository combined with the scalability and performance of relational databases
  • The capability to build a diverse set of applications on top of MAR.