Press Release

Cobox Metaverse: Virtual World Another You

Today you are reading something called Cobox Metaverse. This is intended for people who don’t know.

Imagine COBOX is for real estate developers, gamers, designers, educational culture, monetize, socialize, developers, fashion shows, medical centers, etc

If you are interested you could actually create games, every possible platform build your world, build your dream project make money as in real-life possibilities. Most people might just be consumers, some are creators for all to earn real-life money.



Cobox World looks alike a Virtual world built by Users for Users in this world you will need colleagues, Travel Around the World to foreign countries, and even get a pilot License. This world is building and you probably know that it is Called Cobox Metaverse

If you think Cobox Metaverse is all about Gaming, Virtual meetings think Again it can transform new Aspects of its opportunity of Million Dollars as a new World Developing. Cobox is coming with technology unopened Metaverse the ability to conjure up a realistic, Computer generated World, It is all about NFTS and Second Life, and Cobox Metaverse is going to be far more significant.

Cobox Architecture Designers have multiple options to meet the need of the Clients but Communicate here your time is consuming, Cobox provides easy tools to every User either, Game developers, designer, real estate developer, Educational meetings, or Medical Centre to come and create and visualize their project and collaborate with all their project with their clients.

We are providing easy tools to build and coming from zero knowledge still We are the owner of your assets and liquidity.

In this 21 Century, Reality is virtual and the truth is broader



1. Control your Assets

2. Build your Dream project with Cobox builders

3. Develop your Home, Office, or Design by your choice and sell Across the Globe

4. Create your own Game

5. Modify your business into Virtual Reality

6. Let’s grow together for the next phase of the internet and second life which is created for Users, Built by Users for Users

Connect with one instance and experience the future of virtual reality.

For more details, contact Adaa, the marketing director at Cobox, at [email protected]

Visit the official website at or follow us on our social media links on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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