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Cobox Metaverse : Virtual world Another You

Cobox Metaverse is making waves in the virtual world as it becomes the next big virtual platform to attract online game developers, architects, designers, real estate business owners, political engagement, advertisements, hospitality, health departments, social networks, educational culture, and all technology leaders to capture a slice calculated nearly 800 billion market opportunity till 2024.


The platform is powered by blockchain and is designed to empower users to launch their creativity around the globe. With Cobox Metaverse, users can have a stake in almost anything, make and sell NFts, and even get paid for playing games in COBOX Decentralised that run peers to peers networks.


What is striking about Cobox Metaverse and WEB.03 is the emphasis on ownership. User ownership is a real revolution because it creates a new economy, and the best Cobox version of Metaverse allows them to easily move communities and digital goods from platform to platform. Users can monetize their digital assets by selling, renting, or even borrowing against them.


Cobox Metaverse is a chance for users to become rulers of their own empires by expanding their reach from real life to virtual life. Cobox’s biggest hypostatized virtual shared space represents the ultimate convergence of digital and physical reality, where users can get all possibilities to escape from real life into virtual life. Users can create their own avatar and the best adventure, as Cobox users will build their own Metaverse before making it.


Cobox Metaverse is composed of many districts such as Game, Entertainment, Business, Education, Real Estate, Designer, Live concerts, Art Gallery, Education, Medical center, etc., not just for people to buy land but also to build on it. It is kind of a hangout place. The entire Cobox Metaverse is created by the community, and the platform provides a platform for artists, gamers, content creators, builders, businesses, investors, and everyone in between to step into the Metaverse, with endless interpretation possibilities.


In addition to the already impressive features of the Cobox Metaverse, the platform is set to release even more features soon. These features include:

  • COBOX LAND: A virtual land that users can buy, sell, and build on.
  • COBOX ENTERTAINMENT: A district dedicated to entertainment, including live concerts, art galleries, and more.
  • COBOX BUSINESS: A district where users can conduct business and trade.
  • COBOX EDUCATION: A district dedicated to education and learning.
  • COBOX CREATION: A district where users can unleash their creativity and build anything they can imagine.


With these upcoming features, the Cobox Metaverse will continue to provide users with endless possibilities and opportunities to explore and expand their virtual world. Stay tuned for more updates on these features and how they will enhance the Cobox Metaverse experience.


Join the Cobox Metaverse revolution today and build the world of your dreams. Visit the official website at or follow us on our social media links on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


For More Details Contact:

Adaa ( Marketing Director at Cobox )

Email: [email protected]

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