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Coinbase Targets Swing States with “Stand with Crypto” Campaign

Coinbase, a prominent crypto exchange, has focused on nine US states for its “Stand with Crypto” campaign, emphasizing four pivotal “swing states.” New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have shown a pronounced inclination toward pro-crypto sentiments.

A blog post on September 19 revealed that polling data from the fall of 2022 indicated a growing support for cryptocurrency in these states. Significantly, the data, derived from a Morning Consult poll, revealed that over half (55%) of the voters across NH, NV, OH, and PA would be less inclined to support candidates opposed to crypto and Web3. This October-released poll gathered responses from 800 likely voters across these swing states. Moreover, 13-19% of these respondents acknowledged owning cryptocurrencies during the survey.

Furthermore, in states like Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Coinbase highlighted a significant finding. Over 40% of crypto owners in these states leveraged blockchain for international remittances, aiding their families in paying for essentials such as food, housing, and healthcare. This was considerably cheaper than conventional bank charges associated with international wire transfers.

Launched in August, the “Stand with Crypto” campaign spans 14 months, advocating for pro-crypto legislation in the US. Besides the swing states, Coinbase’s campaign will also concentrate on Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin. These states have demonstrated a higher inclination towards cryptocurrency ownership.

However, the landscape is full of challenges. While a growing cadre of Congress members champions crypto regulation, others seem content with maintaining the status quo. Hence, Coinbase is gearing up to galvanize the community further. Their organized “Stand with Crypto Day” on September 27 in Washington D.C. seeks to lobby for progressive crypto policies and innovation.

Additionally, the campaign aims to motivate crypto enthusiasts to engage with their Congress members actively. Their objective is clear: to solicit their representatives to enact lucid and rational crypto legislation. As Coinbase articulates, the mission involves “rallying the collective energy of the community” and transitioning the conversation from social platforms, like X (formerly Twitter), to direct communication.

In conclusion, Coinbase’s campaign underscores the significance of sensible crypto regulation. By targeting these states, the crypto exchange aims to influence national policy through local advocacy, championing the cause of crypto users and the broader community.


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