CoinStats Launches Degen Plan To Enhance Trading Tools For Serious Crypto Investors
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CoinStats Launches Degen Plan To Enhance Trading Tools For Serious Crypto Investors

CoinStats launches “Degen Plan,” which offers a solution to crypto investors that has the capacity to monitor 500 portfolios and access to all its Premium benefits.

CoinStats Launches Degen Plan To Enhance Trading Tools For Serious Crypto Investors

CoinStats, a prominent crypto tracker and portfolio management platform, recently unveiled the Degen Plan — a premium subscription offering tailored for crypto investors seeking enhanced analytics capabilities.

Degen is one of the most popular terms within the crypto industry. Coingecko defines Degen traders as those who take trades without due diligence and research, often aping signals and FOMO-ing into pumps. 

Essentially, a degen trader buys into an asset not because they see value but because they believe others will join in after them and speculate on the price swings.

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CoinStats wants to tap into this trading community by offering a solution that gives traders unlimited daily syncs, a transaction history accommodating up to 1 million transactions, the capacity to monitor 500 portfolios, and access to all its Premium benefits.

Moreover, subscribers can anticipate expedited customer support, ensuring prompt responses within one hour for any inquiries or issues.

CoinStats founder Narek Gevorgan said the Degen Plan addresses the advanced needs of top-tier users, providing an array of powerful tools and features.

Gevorgan remarked:

“Joining Degen is joining a group of crypto investors who demand the best. It’s for those who want to dive deeper, track smarter, and move faster in the crypto universe.”

The plan, priced at $62.91 per month, is poised to attract a niche segment of traders characterized by their commitment to advanced trading strategies and thorough portfolio management.

In addition to introducing the Degen Plan, CoinStat has rolled out a suite of new features to enhance portfolio analytics. 

These features encompass asset allocation by category, interactive wallet tracking, identification of top gainers and losers, and detailed chain allocations.

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