CoinSwitch Kuber’s latest ad includes a funny disclaimer for Bitcoin investors

The Delhi High Court ordered Indian cryptocurrency exchanges to include ‘standardised’ warnings in their television advertising in July. In its newest advertisement, ‘Kucch toh badlega,’ CoinSwitch Kuber takes the instruction a step further by giving the disclaimer a creative twist.

‘Kucch Toh Badlega’

Swati Pincha, head of growth at CoinSwitch, noted, “Our partnership with The Script Room brings in innovative ways for us to look at our goal of making India more aware about crypto. Our user base has good representation from all across India. Therefore, making sure that these new and young investors are well informed is our greatest priority.”

The two advertisements, created by The Script Room, illustrate how someone getting carried away after funnily investing in Bitcoins. Therefore, how CoinSwitch Kuber can assist make the correct selections. Other fintech commercials promise a life-changing event. However, these ads make it very apparent that things are unpredictable and that you need a sound advisor.

CoinSwitch Kuber x The Script Room

Ayyappan Raj, The Script Room co-founder, added, “It’s a very young brand in a very new category. Combined with ambitious goals and a high energy team, it’s no surprise that we could co-create some inspiring and bold work. It’s a pleasure working with Swati and her team at CoinSwitch. They regard and celebrate good ideas. The campaign is extremely successful, and we hope to continue this association through many more films.”

Designed in shorter-length commercials since the target audience is the cricket viewing population. Especially, during the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the forthcoming T20 World Cup.

The co-founder of the Script Room, Rajesh Ramaswamy, said, “Financial services advertising requires a lot of gravitas, seriousness and generally in the emotional territory. The entire crypto coin being a relatively new category, we thought we should try something cool and fresh. The creative take on the usual disclaimers with finance ads has given it an interesting twist. We are in delight, by the way, the visualisation of the film and brought alive.”

‘Trade Kar, Befikar’

The campaign establishes Coinbase as a leading crypto trading platform and thought leader in the space. It also aims to raise Bitcoin awareness.

This campaign is significantly different from the last CoinSwitch ad, ‘Trade Kar, Befikar,’ published in April. It brought attention to the crypto-mania sweeping the country, with new investors putting their confidence in bitcoin as a sensible financial alternative.

To Watch Their Advertisement, Click Here.

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