Continuing MetaMask phishing attacks, Etherscan and CoinGecko Warns


Etherscan and CoinGecko, two popular crypto analytics sites, have both issued alerts about an ongoing phishing attack on their systems.

After multiple customers reported unexpected MetaMask pop-ups urging them to connect their crypto wallets to the website, the companies began investigating the attack.

According to the data provided by the analytics firms, the latest phishing effort tries to obtain access to customers’ funds by proposing that they integrate their crypto wallets using MetaMask once they visit the official websites.

Etherscan also disclosed that the attackers used third-party integration to display phishing pop-ups, and warned investors to avoid confirming any transactions requested by MetaMask.

Will | Bitcoin World Image : Compromised CoinZilla source code with phishing link. Source: @Noedel19

A member of Crypto Twitter, @Noedel19, linked the continuing phishing assaults to the breach of Coinzilla, an advertising and marketing service, adding that “Any website that uses Coinzilla Ads is compromised.”

Will | Bitcoin World Image : CoinGecko website showing fake MetaMask pop-up. Source: @Noedel19

The screenshots demonstrate an automated pop-up from MetaMask urging you to connect with a link. Which falsely claims to be a non-fungible token (NFT) offering from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

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