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Cosmos-Based Altcoin Project Surges 88% This Week Amid Rollout of New Liquidity Incentive Program

After the platform revised its reward scheme, the Cosmos (ATOM) liquid staking protocol Stride (STRD) token is on the rise.

The quantity of STRD tokens granted as incentives for maintaining stToken liquidity on decentralized exchanges has significantly decreased since April 7th, when Stride launched a 60-day liquidity rewards scheme.

“First off, there are now daily incentives that emit roughly 27,000 STRD. However, that amount will drop to 7,100 STRD each day on April 7th when this new incentive scheme goes into effect, a reduction of more than 70%.

According to the protocol, many of the STRD utilized as incentives will be replaced by other tokens.

The Stride DAO will continue to incentivize stToken liquidity indefinitely, and sufficient advice regarding upcoming changes will always be provided well in advance, despite the fact that the tokens utilized for incentivization are changing.

According to the protocol, providing significant incentives has helped the blockchain become more decentralized, but it won’t be practical in the long run. It claims that the new program will probably be extended for an additional 60 days.

Big incentive schemes can’t last forever. The emphasis may now be placed on sustainability as Stride has attained over 80% of the liquid staking market share in the Cosmos as well as various integrations.

Moving ahead, stToken trading liquidity sustainability will be emphasized.

In spite of the adjustments, the price of STRD has increased significantly. The token’s price is $1.95 at the moment, up $34.6 over the previous 24 hours.


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