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Cryptic Disappearance: Jason Lowrey’s Bold Thesis ‘Softwar’ Vanishes, Leaving Readers Curious

Renowned author Jason Lowrey has baffled readers and scholars by withdrawing his groundbreaking book, “Softwar,” from public access. The thesis, hailed for its revolutionary take on Bitcoin and national security, has vanished from major booksellers and MIT’s library, sparking speculation about the reasons behind its sudden disappearance.

Innovative Perspective: Bitcoin as a Cybersecurity Instrument

In “Softwar,” Jason Lowrey introduced a fascinating and unconventional viewpoint on Bitcoin’s potential role in national security. Instead of focusing solely on its financial aspects, he proposed considering Bitcoin as an electro-cyber security instrument with significant power projection capabilities within the digital realm. Lowrey’s innovative concept named “softwar” suggested that modern warfare is shifting towards non-physical, non-kinetic forms, making Bitcoin’s proof-of-work technology a formidable tool in the cybersecurity arsenal.

A Void of Answers: The Mystery Behind ‘Softwar’s’ Erasure

The sudden removal of “Softwar” from public circulation has left the academic and literary community perplexed. Jason Lowrey’s refusal to disclose the reasons behind this action, apart from cryptic statements on Twitter, has only deepened the enigma. Reviews praised Lowrey’s fresh approach, which portrayed Bitcoin as a critical security asset capable of safeguarding sensitive data and deterring cyberattacks through the implementation of physical costs on assailants. As the book’s online presence vanishes, readers are left yearning for the continuation of the discourse it ignited.

At the moment, “Softwar” can still be accessed through the Air University library system, but its absence from major retailers and MIT’s inventory raises numerous questions about its fate and the potential implications of its disappearance.


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