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Crypto Backers Push For Wider Adoption, Following The Takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban

The Taliban Takeover of the war-torn nation of Afghanistan reminds everyone once again that crypto is the future. The people of Afghanistan are scrambling for money locked behind the banks. Therefore, this raises the need of pushing a decentralised economy more.

The Onset of Pandemonium

In the past couple of days, the situation in Afghanistan has shaken the world. Cries for help ring in people’s ears, and the economy is in a state of collapsing. Moreover, many citizens are trying their best to save up money to survive. However, the gates of pandemonium were left open as panic and fear consumed the nation.

Voices for Crypto

Amongst all this tragedy, cryptocurrency backers and experts raise their voices to show the importance of a decentralised economy. One such voice, Alex Gladsien, who is Chief Strategy Officer of Human Rights Foundation and promotes Bitcoin, said:

“Young Afghan women working with 


 and the Digital Citizen Fund were a self-custody of Bitcoin as early as 2013.

One used her BTC savings to escape to Europe and start a new life.

No need for the bigotry of low expectations.”

Therefore, A Need is Awoke

Such statements further show the fragile state of the centralised economy and the need for DeFi. Afghanistan is in chaos as a country, and with people trying their best to survive, this might be a cold reminder for everyone.

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