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Couple will have a plea hearing in October after delivered them $10.5M in error.

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Thevamanogari Manivel has been sentenced to 18 months of community corrections, along with six months of unpaid community service. In a parallel legal twist, her husband is slated to undergo a plea trial scheduled for the upcoming October.

This Melbourne-based couple found themselves in a peculiar situation after unintentionally receiving a windfall of 10.5 million Australian dollars ($6.7 million). Their legal woes stem from a charge of theft incurred as a result of inadvertently spending these funds, which they received in error during the tumultuous year of 2021.

The chain of events leading to this monetary maelstrom began in May 2021 when Thevamanogari Manivel attempted to transfer funds to her partner Jatinder Singh’s account. It was at this juncture that the exchange’s eagle-eyed system detected a disparity between the provided bank account information and the exchange account. Consequently, a refund was initiated. However, instead of the modest 100 AU$ that the couple had originally intended to deposit, the exchange inadvertently funneled a staggering 10.5 million AU$ into Manivel’s bank account.

Interestingly, this costly error remained undetected until December 2021 when the exchange conducted its annual audit. In response, the exchange promptly filed a lawsuit in the esteemed Victoria Supreme Court, leading to a judicial decree that mandated the restitution of the misdirected funds to the crypto trading platform.

However, it’s worth noting that by the time the mistake came to light, the couple had allegedly embarked on a spending spree of epic proportions. They reportedly acquired four properties, various vehicles, and an assortment of other valuable assets. Notably, they also transferred approximately 4 million AU$ to a Malaysian bank account. One of their real estate acquisitions is an opulent five-bedroom property in Craigieburn, boasting a price tag of 1.35 million AU$. The court has since decreed that this property must be liquidated, with the proceeds returned.

Fast forward to October 2022, and the embattled couple found themselves in court, where they advanced a somewhat peculiar defense. They claimed to have harbored the belief that they had struck it rich through a crypto exchange competition. Singh asserted that he had previously received a notification from the company regarding this supposed contest. However,’s compliance officer, Michi Chan Fores, vehemently refuted these claims, asserting that the exchange had never disseminated notifications of such competitions to its user base.

As the legal saga unfolded, Manivel, who faced a theft charge, eventually pleaded guilty to recklessly dealing with the proceeds of the crime in September 2023. In light of this, she received an 18-month community corrections order, encompassing an intensive six-month compliance program, in addition to unpaid community service. It’s worth noting that Manivel had already spent a considerable 209 days in custody. Meanwhile, the fate of Singh hinges on an impending plea trial scheduled for the 23rd of October.

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