Crypto Finance App Quashes ‘Hacking’ Reports


Following the reports that crypto finance app Plutus was compromised due to a hacking attack, putting actors on threat, the company found in 2015 quashed all the claims made on social media.

An Israel based intelligence firm notified that hackers have been sharing database from the crypto app since earlier this week.

“We have investigated several possible attack vectors and not found any evidence of hacking. We want to reassure our customers that there is no risk of losing either their fiat or crypto balances. Our services are non-custodial by design which removes the possibility of company hacks having any impact on customer assets. So far, we have not found any evidence to suggest a successful hacking attempt,” the firm told Cointelegraph.

The Israel intelligence Sixgill said that the hackers uploaded critical information to over 1200 websites through bycrypt password. Plutus had announced that it started offering rewards for users using debit card to buy from Nike store.

However, on being inquired by Cointelegraph, it received no additional information from Sixgill.