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Crypto Influencer Evan Luthra posts proofs about Bitget Scam

Crypto influencer Evan Luthra claims to have lost more than $200,000 in Bitget, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange and is accusing the company of scamming its users. According to Luthra’s Twitter thread, Bitget allegedly froze his funds and declared them as suspicious activity, then sold coins worth millions the next day. Luthra also claims that more than 300 people have complained to him about this scam, with some unable to withdraw their funds or get any response from the Bitget team.


The influencer further alleges that Bitget has no founder and operates from a fake shell company in Africa, with almost 50% of its reserves in their token $BGB. Additionally, Bitget’s terms of service state that any funds on their platform belong to them and not their users, allowing them to legally freeze and take users’ funds. Luthra also claims that Bitget is fully reliant on heavy marketing and paid promotions, with most of its followers being fake and bots.


Luthra has reached out to Bitget, but the company has reportedly refused to clarify the matter directly with him. Instead, he claims that the company is paying big influencers and accounts to defame him for dumping the tokens. Luthra is urging the crypto community to shift to decentralized exchanges or use trusted exchanges with founders, such as Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.


Bitget has not yet responded to Luthra’s allegations.

Luthra’s claims raise serious concerns about the safety and legitimacy of Bitget as a cryptocurrency exchange. Users are advised to exercise caution when using the platform and to research thoroughly before investing in any crypto-related projects.


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