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Crypto Market Surges as Bitcoin ETF Victory and NFT Controversy Drive Asian Gains

The sun rises on a prosperous day in Asia, fueled by yesterday’s groundbreaking U.S. court win for Grayscale Investments in its high-stakes Bitcoin ETF case against the SEC. With Bitcoin, Ether, and top cryptocurrencies soaring, the market landscape looks more vibrant than ever. However, the Forkast 500 NFT Index faces headwinds following fresh SEC charges against an NFT project tied to Impact Theory, sending shockwaves through the crypto industry.

As dawn breaks, Asian investors are greeted with the refreshing aroma of gains. Bitcoin, the leader of the pack, flaunts a remarkable 6.09% surge over the past 24 hours, reaching an impressive $27,625.04 as of 06:45 a.m. in Hong Kong. The entire crypto sphere rejoices as this digital pioneer records a 7.02% weekly increase. It’s a triumphant moment, as Bitcoin had been languishing under $27,000 since August 18, haunted by economic clouds from both the U.S. and China.

Ether doesn’t shy away from the spotlight either, boasting a 4.92% rise to $1,731.09, marking a substantial 6.87% weekly gain. The enthusiasm isn’t exclusive to these giants; all top 10 non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies dance in the green, celebrating Grayscale Investments’ victorious legal battle with the SEC.

The triumph arrives courtesy of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, overturning the SEC’s prior denial of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) to morph into an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Tim Bevan, the visionary CEO of ETC Group, predicts an influx of spot BTC ETFs to the U.S., with financial powerhouses like BlackRock, Fidelity, and WisdomTree ready to jump into the fray in early 2024.

Grayscale’s struggle began in June 2022 when the digital asset titan sued the SEC for its opaque explanations behind the ETF application rejection, a violation of the Administrative Procedure Act. A turning point has been reached, with the institutional and retail demand poised to reshape Bitcoin’s landscape, far beyond its price dynamics.

Among the triumphant top 10, Toncoin emerges as the shining star. The native token of proof-of-stake blockchain TON skyrockets with a staggering 14.24% leap in the past 24 hours, resting at $1.72 and flaunting a remarkable 27.20% weekly growth. This momentum stems from the Telegram messaging app’s blockchain venture in 2018, whose ties with TON were severed in 2020 under SEC pressure. Telegram’s TON blockchain reports a 102% boost in developer involvement, propelled by the launch of its Wallet Pay service in July.

Despite the exhilaration, the SEC dampens the spirits, charging media company Impact Theory for unregistered securities tied to its “Founder’s Keys” NFTs. This marks a historical move, causing ripples of concern. SEC commissioners Hester Peirce and Mark Uyeda challenge the decision, igniting debates on NFT classification under the Howey test.

As the crypto market continues its soaring symphony, the stage is set for more surprises. Whether it’s the Fed’s next move or China’s financial endeavors, investors across Asia hold their breath, bracing for both opportunity and challenge.


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