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Report: Almost half of cryptocurrency users invest to raise their level of living.

In a sweeping survey orchestrated by the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, spanning across 20 nations, an eclectic ensemble of more than 1,500 respondents lent their voices to the discourse.

A staggering 50% of crypto enthusiasts, spanning the globe, are channeling their investments into the digital frontier with the lofty aspiration of ameliorating their quotidian standards of living.

In a recent revelation from the hallowed halls of Bitget, unveiled on October 5th, a fascinating mosaic of financial aspirations came to light. An astounding 46%, 44%, and 41% of survey participants hailing from the vibrant landscapes of South Korea, Canada, and Turkey, respectively, ardently articulated their fervent desire to elevate their living standards through digital asset investments. Meanwhile, across the seas in Malaysia and Taiwan, a noteworthy 36% of respondents prioritized the enhancement of their family’s quality of life above all else.

A captivating revelation emerged as 27% of female crypto aficionados in the United States and Turkey unveiled their noble intent of steering their investments toward the noble cause of funding their offspring’s education, a sentiment that resonated with a mere 5% of their counterparts in South Korea and Japan. Unveiling the monetary commitment, the industrious Chinese cohort showcased unparalleled dedication, with 18% allocating sums ranging between $50,000 and $100,000, while an additional 19% boldly ventured into the realm of investments between $100,000 and $500,000. Remarkably, despite the ban on crypto trading in China, resourceful nationals have found a way to circumvent the restrictions through the clandestine realm of VPNs. Notably, this embargo does not cast its shadow upon Chinese expatriates residing beyond the nation’s borders.

This grand symphony of a survey unfolded its chapters between the months of May and August, casting a wide net that encapsulated over 1,500 participants hailing from the European Union, China, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, the United States, and Canada, stitching together a tapestry of global perspectives.

However, even as the world continues to embrace cryptocurrencies, there linger pockets of the globe where interest has plateaued, owing to the vise-like grip of regulatory constraints and the capricious fluctuations in market prices. On the fateful date of August 4th, Cointelegraph sounded a somber note, revealing a dip of three percentage points in cryptocurrency ownership among Canadian adults between the years 2021 and 2022. The Bank of Canada, in sharing the findings of its survey, observed that investors seemed reticent to shift their allegiance from Bitcoin to other altcoins, as evidenced by the dwindling ownership of the latter.

On the flip side of the global coin, a resounding 99% of Nigerians echoed their awareness of digital assets in a recent survey, with a staggering 90% affirming their intent to voyage into the crypto sphere within the forthcoming year.

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