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Crypto Strategist Capo Discusses How Three Altcoins Are Bullish, As Bitcoin Targets $60,000

A popular crypto strategist and trader, capo notes that he’s expecting three altcoins to make bullish moves. More so, this is on the heels of Bitcoin (BTC) pushing toward its next resistance level.

Furthermore, The fictitious analyst, Capo goes ahead to enlighten his 177,400 Twitter followers. While, noting what’s expected that as Bitcoin approaches $60,000. Of course, before breaking through $100,000 in the months ahead.

Additionally, Capo also goes on to talk about few things about the altcoin market. While at that. He shares a chart displaying Bitcoin’s dominance of the overall crypto market cap. So, pointing out its getting ready to hit against the $60,000 historic level of resistance.

Capo believes that there’s a bug shift coming on soonest.

“LMAO and some people are being cocky because BTC.D is up 5%. Good luck.”

More so, the overall altcoin market is gearing up. So, Capo marks the largest potential gains for Polkadot (DOT), followed by Cardano (ADA). Of course, and Ethereum (ETH) also.

“DOT/BTC mega bullish. ADA/BTC very bullish. ETH/BTC bullish…”
“If you want to be bullish on BTC.D [Bitcoin dominance] here, it’s up to you. I’m all-in altcoins.”

Currently, cross-chain interoperability protocol DOT is seeing 24.9% increase over the past week. Also, it’s at around $40.58 price.

Meanwhile, Scalable decentralized platform ADA settles at $2.20, nothing changing much from last week.

Furthermore, Open-source smart contract blockchain ETH is seeing 6.2% increase. This of course, is from last Thursday and the price is currently at around $3813.

Lastly, Capo also highlights in much details why he sees a new altcoin season underway.

“Now Bitcoin is confirming the bullish scenario, and $100k and higher targets…”
“are likely to happen in the next few months. This would create the perfect scenario for…” Capo continues,
“people to get comfortable and start speculating on altcoins… BTC dominance chart (BTC.D)…”
“– huge hidden bearish divergence showing up, and the green support is getting weaker…”
“In my opinion, it will take the 2018 lows (36.50%) and the alt season could end there.”

Capo concludes.

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