Cryptocurrency Update: Chainlink Gains Record Massive 12% Growth

Chainlink (Courtesy: Ethereum world news)
Chainlink (Courtesy: Ethereum world news)

As cryptocurrencies returned to record a positive growth, Chainlink was surprisingly among the highest gainers. In the last 24 hours Chainlink grew by a massive 12% rate to record its finest growth percent in the year 2020. All this movement took place after a turbulent day which say cryptocurrencies moving up the ladder and falling down in the wink of an eye.

In the past 24 hours, after plenty of movement, Bitcoin has seen a 0.93% change to settle at a price of $11,273 where as Ethereum is on a high of $391.

Similarly, all the other cryptocurrencies have recovered in the past 24 hours and recorded a positive growth.

XRP recorded over 3.69% of growth as it reached $0.308 while Tether recorded 0.17% growth as it is currently priced at $1.00. Bitcoin Cash has also recorded a growth of over 1.30% as it has recorded a price hike of $293.27.

A few surprises also emerged from the bottom half of the table, where, Bitcoin SV surged over 3.63% to be priced at $227.82. Litecoin saw a change by 0.80%, Cardano grew by 1.68%, but the major gainer was Chainlink which saw a growth of 12.55% to be priced at $9.37. Binance Coin grew by 3.93% to be priced at $22.10.

Our assessment says that cryptocurrency market will stay stable over the next few days as not much change is expected to happen.