Bitcoin is The Most Asymmetric Trade in a Generation
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Dan Morehead Describes Bitcoin As The Most Asymmetric Trade in a Generation

Asset management company Pantera Capital’s Dan Morehead is looking at Bitcoin (BTC) as a the best investment. Of course, this is when compared to bonds.

Furthermore, Dan Morehead explains how Bitcoin is the most “asymmetric” trade in a generation.

“I’ve spent my career looking for asymmetric trades…”
“– trades where the upside is many times the downside.”

“Obviously, bitcoin/blockchain is the most asymmetric trade in a generation.”
So, Morehead adds.
“Bonds are the polar opposite. The potential upside is only a tiny fraction of the very real downside.”

More so, Dan Morehead urges the government to inward, after series of comments from the European Central Bank (ECB). Also, from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), saying that Bitcoin is a market under Manipulation.

So, Dan Morehead explains.

“The biggest Ponzi scheme in history is the US government and mortgage bond market…”
“– 33 trillion-with-a-T dollars – all being driven by one non-economic actor with a…”
“dominant position who is trading based on material, non-public information.”

Also, Dan Morehead confirms that the Bitcoin market is big and can’t be under any manipulation. Then, points out daily trading volume as a reason, saying that bond investors are the ones to lose their investments instead.

“Bonds investors are going to get absolutely destroyed when the Fed stops manipulating the bond market.”

Additionally, Morehead urges investors to carefully allocate for Bitcoin and other crypto assets. That’s, in order to minimize their risks against a bond bubble.

“Someday financial gravity will resume functioning.”

“If you’re an institutional investor with any bonds, but especially if you’re more like the…”
“classic 60/40 stock/bond portfolio, you might want to hedge the…”
“bond bubble with Bitcoin/crypto assets…”
Then, Dan Morehead concludes.
“Buying crypto with only $3 trillion market cap seems like a fantastic hedge.”

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