Delta Hardfork Triggered Significant Cost Reductions On Optimism-Based Layer-2 Chains
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Delta Hardfork Triggered Significant Fees Reductions On Optimism-Based Layer-2 Chains

The Delta hardfork, deployed across Optimism-based layer-2 chains like Optimism Mainnet, Zora and Base last week, has successfully reduced fees as anticipated, according to OP Labs, the project’s core developer.

This update focused on minimizing layer-1 fees incurred by chain operators. 

Initial projections suggested significant reductions, and Zora data indeed shows a 90% decrease in fixed overhead costs after the upgrade. 

This translates to increased revenue for Zora, highlighting the potential benefits of the Delta fork.

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“We expect this upgrade to significantly ease adoption of the OP Stack by reducing the fee burden for all chain operators,” stated OP Labs.

A key element of the Delta upgrade, “Span Batches,” consolidates multiple layer-2 blocks into one single batch for transmission to the Ethereum mainnet. 

This reduces the amount of data requiring transfer, consequently lowering fees. 

Pre-implementation estimates projected a fee decrease of 6-11% for active chains and over 90% for less active ones, and these estimates appear to have been accurate.

Optimism, which utilizes optimistic rollups to achieve lower transaction costs for decentralized applications (dApps), operates as a network of layer-2 chains known collectively as the Superchain. 

This ecosystem is governed by the Optimism Collective, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

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