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Despite rejecting the bill, a US senator professes support for crypto modifications

On July 29, The infrastructure bill had hurriedly inserted proposals to generate  $28 billion through enhanced taxation. Moreover to enforce severe third-party reporting requirements for any business regarded as a cryptocurrency “broker”.

Onlookers noted that software developers, hardware wallet providers, miners and other network validators will likely be classed as brokers. Therefore they have to provide information about counterparty network players that they cannot acquire due to the provision’s wide wording.

Senator Shelby Expresses Support

Senator Richard Shelby took to Twitter yesterday to express his support for an amendment proposed by Senators Pat Toomey, Cynthia Lummis, Rob Portman, Mark Warner, Ron Wyden, and Kyrsten Sinema to exempt software developers, transaction validators, and node operators from third-party reporting requirements.

Despite his declared support, Shelby said he opposed the amendment because of his unhappiness with the legislation’s defence budget provisions.

Richard Shelby, the 87-year-old Republican senator whose lone dissent prevented the bipartisan infrastructure bill from clearing the Senate without alteration on Aug. 10, has disclosed that he favoured revisions to the bill’s cryptocurrency provisions, which his vote ultimately stopped.

Crypto Community, however, is not happy

The crypto community blasts Shelby’s actions, with virtually all of the comments on his article being angry outbursts from crypto-natives.

According to Twitter user David Zell, Shelby’s top supporters were commercial banks and businesses representing the securities and investments industry. They gave more than $870,000 to Shelby during that time.

Compound Finance’s general counsel, Jake Chervinsky, also chastised Shelby, pointing out that he is departing after his tenure. 

Although the popular amendment failed to reach the Senate, Chervinsky stated that nobody would target DeFi developers under the original infrastructure bill wording.

The law now needs to make its way through the House of Representatives. However, the House is now on break until September 20.

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