DeSpread Partners with Arbitrum To Spur Blockchain Growth In South Korea
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DeSpread Partners with Arbitrum To Spur Blockchain Growth In South Korea

Seoul-based blockchain and Web3 consulting firm DeSpread has announced a collaboration with Arbitrum, a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum (ETH), to promote blockchain adoption and expand the developer community in South Korea.

For the Korean market, this is an opportunity to participate in Ethereum’s evolution while retaining localized development infrastructure.

As ETH continues to dominate the blockchain landscape, addressing its scalability challenges is crucial for wider adoption. 

This is where Arbitrum steps in—its products, including ARB One and Nova, significantly improve transaction speeds and costs on Ethereum. 

With expertise in diverse Web3 domains like decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and gaming, DeSpread seeks to leverage Arbitrum’s innovations to create a thriving ecosystem for Korean developers and users.

Through comprehensive educational initiatives and developer programs, the blockchain consulting firm will drive awareness and implementation of Arbitrum’s offerings. 

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Their team will create localized guides and resources to lower entry barriers for Korean developers looking to build on Arbitrum.

The South Korean consulting firm DeSpread will use its 3ridge platform to attract more users to the top Layer 2 products. 

They aim to establish Arbitrum as the preferred solution for the Korean market. This partnership allows DeSpread to expand further into Korea’s promising blockchain industry. 

With their local presence and understanding of the culture and language, they can encourage more people in the region to use ARB’s One and Nova chains. 

Their expertise in various Web3 areas like DeFi, NFTs, and gaming can also attract Korean developers and projects who want to benefit from Arbitrum’s scalability and cost advantages.

The partnership aligns with the Arbitrum Foundation’s wider expansion efforts since its launch in March 2023. The Foundation oversees the development of ARB’s network and community, with Arbitrum One being their flagship offering. 

ARB One has also already achieved tremendous adoption in terms of projects looking to improve ETH transaction cost and speed. 

Therefore, the partnership with DeSpread unlocks an important East Asian market for the blockchain’s growth plans.

Unlocking South Korea’s Web3 Potential

For the Korean market, this is an opportunity to participate in Ethereum’s evolution while retaining localized development infrastructure. 

DeSpread’s Director and Head of Business Strategy, Jeff Kim, believes the collaboration can cultivate a thriving Arbitrum ecosystem in Korea that innovates on top of ETH’s security and decentralization. 

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He stated:

“Arbitrum boasts top performance among Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. With this partnership, we will support Arbitrum in establishing the best developer and user ecosystem in the Korean ETH landscape and elevate its awareness accordingly.”

Nina Rong, Head of Ecosystem Development at the Arbitrum Foundation, also commented on the immense potential of this partnership, stating it will significantly expand ARB’s presence in Korea.

Overall, this alliance between two industry leaders combines ARB Layer 2 expertise with DeSpread’s market knowledge to fully unlock South Korea’s Web3 potential. 

With initiatives to supercharge developer activity and mass adoption, it can engender a vibrant blockchain ecosystem and position Korea as a major hub for ETH innovation.

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