Didi TaiHuttu: What BTC HODLING Can Do For You Unveiled?

Didi TaiHuttu: What BTC HODLING Can Do For You Unveiled?

Didi TaiHuttu a bitcoin maximalist who taught the lesson of patience and ways to make your life transformative investing in BTC.

Does HODLING really make you rich? Yes, only if you are a BTC maximalist and you do not question  ROIs of 7,64,33,233% in the span of 12 years. Yes, BTC has delivered that much and examples like the Didi Taihuttu family have time and again proved that BTC is the key if you wish to get rich and live your dream!

Who is  Didi TaiHuttu? 

Didi TaiHuttu in 2017 sold his entire business, 2500 sq-foot house, all appliances , furniture and even their shoes to buy BTC. He said, judging by the bull cycle, it is expected that BTC will be anywhere close to $100,000 to $200,000, TaiHuttu had this view because BTC usually 20X post the halvening. In 2020, BTC halving was due and the coin had skyrocketed to $20,000. Didi made a straight 20X and it was later followed by an extreme bull cycle which pushed the prices to even $69,000 in November 2021. 

What Would Have Been the Gains? 

The gains would have put the TaiHuttu family 900$ invested into $69,000. If they bought as many as just 10 BTC, it would have made them $690,000. So, considering the amount of money they raised, one can simply imagine how much they must have made. 

Where is the  Didi TaiHuttu Family? 

In the last five years, Didi TaiHuttu family has traveled to more than 40 countries to avoid paying taxes. They are going for economies who are offering a 0% taxation on crypto. As per their latest report, they have planned to settle down in Portugal since the country has 0% taxation on crypto. The country is good for peace, standard of living, education, healthcare and it is the best country to move in for expats. 

This is just one story, if you deep dive into crypto, there would be many more who are crypto millionaires and billionaires holding on to their portfolio despite the market crash. Once this market crash is over, we shall very well see more such stories taking the Internet by storm in 2024 and beyond. Till that time, HODLING makes a lot of sense!

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