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Dogecoin acceptance by Elon Musk’s is met with a positive response by McDonald’s

The centibillionaire requested that Dogecoin be accepted by the Chicago-based company. In exchange, he vowed to consume its Happy Meal while watching TV.

By tweeting that it will accept Dogecoin provided Tesla accepts “Grimacecoin,” McDonald’s appears to have backed away from the pledge.

Grimace, a purple humanoid creature who first appeared in McDonald’s advertisements in the early 1970s. Of course, was the inspiration for the coin’s name. It was going to be a nefarious-looking figure with four arms who stole children’s milkshakes. However, McDonald’s creative officer Roy Bergold told QSR Magazine that

“Evil Grimace” was a flop because it was too frightening for children.

Someone created an actual currency named “Grimacecoin” on Binance Smart Chain just minutes after the McDonald’s tweet, which rocketed more over 261,000 percent within hours before losing the lion’s part of its gains.

BSC has become a hub for rapid pump-and-dump enterprises due to the low barrier to entry, which is why investors should be cautious.

The response was mainly unsatisfactory to the Dogecoin community. Many people pointed out that such an offer took the company’s marketing team almost 10 hours to come up with.

So, The Grimacecoin tweet, according to Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, was a perfect example of how to make something enjoyable unfunny.

Last year, self-proclaimed “Dogecoin millionaire” Glauber Contessoto tweeted that the world’s restaurant chain had “fumbled a fantastic opportunity for a bad joke.”

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