Dogecoin HODLERs Are Beating Shiba Inu With 57% Landing In Profits
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Dogecoin HODLERs Are Beating Shiba Inu With 57% Landing In Profits

Data analytics from IntoTheBlock paint a bleak picture for Shiba Inu investors. A mere 25% of SHIB holders are currently profiting, while 71% are experiencing investment losses. 

According to IntoTheBlock, Dogecoin depicts a slightly more optimistic picture compared to SHIB. 

With current prices, 57% of DOGE holders are in profit, against SHIB’s 25%. A notable 39% of DOGE investors are experiencing a loss, showing a smaller proportion than SHIB’s 71%. Additionally, 4% of DOGE investors are at break-even.

The commitment of investors is evident in both camps. Dogecoin holders match Shiba Inu investors in loyalty, with respective 72% and 73% sustaining their positions for over a year. 

The statistics for medium-term holders (1-12 months) and new entrants (<1 month) are also comparable, hinting at a similar investor behavior pattern for both meme coins.

While Dogecoin exhibits a healthier financial status among its holders, Shiba Inu shows a competitive advantage in other areas. 

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SHIB’s transactional value for significant trades over $100K surpasses that of DOGE over the past seven days, indicating more considerable large-scale investor interest or movement. This could signify a potential for growth or increased liquidity that might benefit SHIB in the long run.

Community Engagement and Market Presence: Both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have seen minimal change in Telegram members, with DOGE at a 0.05% increase over the past week, suggesting a period of stability within their communities. 

Simultaneously, the transaction demographics disclose a more Western-centric engagement for Dogecoin, with a 55% to 45% split between West and East. This could reflect the influence of Western media and notable endorsements by entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk on DOGE’s prominence.

As per the latest figures, DOGE is currently priced at $0.075, while SHIB stands at $0.00000861, experiencing a 2.24% and 2.03% dip, respectively, over the past day.

Dogecoin Price Chart | Source: Coinstats


Shiba Inu Price Chart | Source: Coinstats

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