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Dogwifhat Sees a 150% Boost as It Approaches the Top 100 Biggest Cryptos; Will This Meme Rival Be Next?


  • Dogwifhat has experienced significant growth, with its price surging over 150% in the past 30 days, driven by recent whale activity.
  • NuggetRush is gaining attention in the market with its play-to-earn game and unique features like ecosystem participation rewards.
  • Analysts suggest that NuggetRush is one of the best altcoins for portfolio diversification because of its partnership with gold providers.


With the crypto market bouncing back, driven by Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent surge past $61,000, investors and traders are shifting their attention to meme coins. The Dogwifhat (WIF) price has recently erupted, drawing investors’ attention. For the last 30 days, WIF has risen by over 150%, with earlier whale purchases largely responsible for such gains. And as the token approaches the top 100 biggest cryptos, WIF could see further increases shortly.

Meanwhile, a new meme coin, NuggetRush (NUGX), a rival to Dogwifhat, has taken the spotlight in the market with its play-to-earn game. With its excellent roadmap and unique features like its ecosystem participation reward, NuggetRush is the next token poised to see a price boost. Analysts suggest that NuggetRush is one of the best cryptos to buy for portfolio diversification.

Let’s explore NuggetRush, the next token to experience a price surge amidst Dogwifhat, seeing 150% as it approaches the top 100 biggest cryptos.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): Turning Gaming Rewards Into Real-world Assets

NuggetRush, the rival to Dogwifhat, is set to see a price boost because it integrates gold mining, cryptocurrency, and real-world artisanal mining in a play-to-earn gaming experience. Developed on Ethereum, the popular blockchain platform, this new DeFi crypto ensures widespread access for players. The game’s appeal lies in its play-to-earn feature, meme collectibles, and captivating visuals.

GameFi has made it simpler to turn gaming rewards into real-world assets on the NuggetRush platform. Players can earn rewards from various activities, such as tournaments, quests, battles, ranked play, and beyond, regardless of their skill level or location. With a mix of excitement, strategy, and tangible rewards, this new DeFi crypto game features characters that are both engaging in gameplay and sought-after as meme collectibles. 

The game strives to be among the best altcoins by becoming a self-sustaining community that generates revenue. By partnering with gold providers who can deliver RUSHGEM winnings directly to a miner’s chosen location, NuggetRush positions itself for a potential price surge. This distinctive feature enhances the game’s appeal as one of the best cryptos to buy by adding a tangible and prestigious aspect to the rewards, making them genuinely valuable and unforgettable.

The NFT staking platform is another feature propelling NuggetRush’s potential upsurge in price. In this feature, NFT holders lock their assets within the system, much like traditional staking, to earn rewards determined by the annual percentage yield (APY) and the number of NFTs staked. During the staking period, NFT holders cannot sell their NFTs. Also, players can sell or trade character NFTs and other rare NFT items and mined materials on the player-driven marketplace.

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Dogwifhat (WIF): Analysts Predict Possible $1

Dogwifhat appears to be the most optimistic coin among the top 200 today, as all its indicators show strong performance. This Solana-based meme token has doubled in value since its launch in December last year. On January 26, 2024, Arthur Hayes, a well-known trader and former CEO of BitMEX, praised the Dogwifhat coin as the next major development in the cryptocurrency world, showing little interest in other cryptocurrencies. After his endorsement, the price of the WIF token surged by over 100%.

Over the past week, Dogwifhat has surged by more than 120%, and over the past 30 days, it has seen a rise of over 150%. This sudden increase can be attributed to a few whales who started accumulating WIF a few days ago. These remarkable gains have fueled increased interest and investment in WIF coins. As the token edges closer to becoming one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, experts suggest its value could continue to climb, possibly reaching $1.00 by the end of spring.



With the recent surge in the price of Dogwifhat, investors are taking advantage of it and benefiting from it. Amidst this, NuggetRush is stealing the show in the crypto community, with prominent figures flocking to its platform. As one of the top altcoins impacting the market, investors are maximizing the features and opportunities it offers the crypto industry. If you are searching for a platform with the potential to yield you a 100x return by year-end, NUGX is your best choice to start with now.

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