DOJ, Department of Justice Looks For Director To Head Its Crypto Enforcement Team


DOJ is The U.S. Department of Justice and it’s out to hire a director for its new National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (NCET).

More so, according to a recent job listing by the DOJ, it explains how the agency is looking for someone to hire. So, Qualifications entails at least five years of post J.D. (Juris Doctor) legal experience. Also, an extensive understanding of blockchain and crypto technology.

Furthermore, the successful applicant will head a team of prosecutors. Whereby, this team will investigate and prosecute cases relating to cryptocurrencies. Notably, The director of NCET will also be look after prioritizing investigations and leading the efforts to fight using crypto assets as a criminal tool.

Recall, Earlier this month, the DOJ develops the NCET. Of course, in response to what the agency describes as a several crimes through the use of digital assets.

Lastly, DOJ explains further.

“Because cryptocurrency is used in a wide variety of criminal activity,…”
“from being the primary demand mechanism for ransomware payments, to money laundering…”

Then, DOJ continues.

“and the operation of illegal or unregistered money services businesses, to being the…”
“preferred means of exchange of value on ‘dark markets’ for illegal drugs, weapons, malware and other hacking tools,…”

So, DOJ adds.
“the NCET will foster the development of expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain…”
“technologies across all aspects of the Department’s work.”

Then, DOJ concludes.

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