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Dropbox Rolls Back Unlimited Storage Amid Crypto Mining Concerns

Dropbox, the popular cloud storage provider, has axed its unlimited storage plan, revealing that a subset of users exploited the service for resource-heavy activities like cryptocurrency mining. The company transitioned to a metered storage system, with new accounts receiving a cap of 15 terabytes.


Previously operating under the banner “all the space you need”, Dropbox acknowledged that it anticipated disparate levels of usage among its subscribers. However, in recent times, the company noted a dramatic surge in some users consuming disproportionately more storage, sometimes thousands of times more than genuine business customers. Among these excessive uses, activities like cryptocurrency and specifically Chia mining stood out.

Apart from cryptocurrency mining, Dropbox observed other misuse patterns such as reselling storage space or multiple individuals combining storage for personal tasks.

Interestingly, Dropbox’s move to curtail unlimited storage follows a pattern in the tech industry. Giants like Microsoft and Google have also discarded their unlimited storage offers recently, indicating a broader trend against unrestricted cloud storage.

Dropbox recognized that the sudden shift may not sit well with many of its users. However, they stressed that maintaining an exhaustive list of prohibited activities would be both unsustainable and challenging to regulate effectively.

Contextual Information:

Cryptojacking, wherein malware gets deployed onto a victim’s device or cloud account to mine cryptocurrencies, has emerged as a significant security concern. The malware often creates a virtual machine that leverages the device’s resources or the cloud service for cryptocurrency mining. In a startling revelation last year, Google reported that attackers could compromise its storage platform and deploy mining software in just 22 seconds.


The decision by Dropbox and other major tech players underscores the multifaceted challenges companies face in today’s evolving digital landscape. While offering unlimited storage might seem attractive, the potential misuse, especially with rising concerns about cryptojacking, makes it a complex issue. Companies are now grappling to strike a balance between offering value to genuine users and mitigating misuse risks. As the digital space continues to evolve, more such recalibrations can be expected.


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