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dYdX Foundation Reveals Impressive Growth and Milestones in 2023

The dYdX Foundation, the non-profit organization overseeing the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange dYdX, has released its semi-annual report, which details the ecosystem’s incredible growth and achievements in 2023.

The foundation underlined their vital role in nurturing the evolution of the dYdX protocol and establishing a healthy community before the release of the v4 open-source software known as the dYdX Chain in their detailed report.

The research emphasized the difficulties of legislative impediments, company failures, and the fallout from the bankruptcy of the FTX bitcoin exchange. These events emphasized the importance of decentralized finance (DeFi), with a renewed emphasis on self-custody, transparency, and eliminating intermediaries.

Since January 2022, when dYdX declared its intention to become a completely decentralized system, the exchange has provided regular updates on its progress, achieving four of five critical milestones. Notably, they have successfully built a public testnet with over 57 validators, a fast block time of about 1.8 seconds, and 2.9 million transactions completed.

The foundation recently revealed plans to migrate the protocol’s native currency, DYDX, from Ethereum to the soon-to-be-launched dYdX Chain. Following this announcement, a community member initiated a snapshot vote to move DYDX to the new chain and adopt the dYdX v4 open-source software as the protocol’s next evolution. The community unanimously supported this plan.

The dYdX Chain’s much anticipated mainnet launch is scheduled for the end of September, with the proof-of-stake blockchain due to be fully operational on the Cosmos network.

The organization has introduced a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) under dYdX’s goal for decentralized governance. This DAO has registered 14 proposals, with active involvement from 458 distinct addresses and an average of 42.6 million DYDX tokens. Surprisingly, each vote leveraged an average of 4.3% of the overall supply.

A startling number reveals that over 46,000 distinct addresses presently own DYDX coins, with over 70,000 people receiving these tokens as prizes. Trading volume on the dYdX v3 protocol has been outstanding, with trading volume exceeding $230 billion and daily trading volume over $1 billion. The v3 platform reached a significant milestone, surpassing $1 trillion in cumulative trade volume.

Despite difficult macroeconomic conditions, the dYdX Foundation has demonstrated resilience and growth by adding essential professionals to its staff. The team includes 13 full-time employees, six contractors, a new marketing and communications head, and an operations associate.

As the mainnet launch of the dYdX Chain approaches, the crypto world anticipates the exciting future of this blossoming DeFi ecosystem founded on the ideals of decentralization and transparency.


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