dYdX To Unlock And Distribute 150 Million Allocated Tokens To Investors On December 1
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dYdX To Unlock And Distribute 150 Million Allocated Tokens To Investors On December 1

According to TokenUnlocks data, decentralized exchange dYdX will unlock 150 million tokens at midnight on December 1, equivalent to 30% of its allocated tokens to investors, founders, and past and future employees.

The tokens are worth $500 million at current prices. The price of dYdX had soared on January 25 of this year when it was announced that the unlocking, originally scheduled for February, would be postponed until December.

The project recently took a $9 million hit to its insurance fund in what its CEO called a targeted attack.

According to TokenUnlocks, other notable token locks include Optimism, which will unlock 32.21 million tokens worth $58 million on November 29, and 1inch, which will unlock 98.74 million tokens worth $34.5 million on December 1.

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Aptos will unlock 24.84 million tokens worth $180 million at current prices on December 12, and ApeCoin will unlock 15.16 million tokens worth $25 million on December 16.

In other news, DEX aggregator Jupiter on Solana announced that the request page for the upcoming airdrop will be published on Friday for users to check the token distributions.

The exchange also detailed how it changed distribution to account for bot activity and power users with multiple wallets.

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