Ethereum 2.0 Enters Final Stage Of Testing

Ethereum 2.0 (Courtesy: Twitter)
Ethereum 2.0 (Courtesy: Twitter)

The long-awaited upgrade for Ethereum is entering its final stages of testing according to the project’s lead developer. A recent ‘failed’ test has been described as a dress rehearsal for ETH 2.0 genesis.

A final series of testnets has been activated for the Beacon Chain stage of Ethereum’s Serenity roadmap, but one called ‘Spadina’ has been a failure. This has set the stage for the next testnet called ‘Zinken.’

The three-day Spadina testnet was one of the final dress rehearsals for the real thing, according to developer Danny Ryan. Unfortunately, the test proved to be problematic with several errors reported with configuration, bootnodes, and calculations;

Ryan added that low participation was expected on this short-lived testnet, which resulted in escalating errors in the client release process.

In a document highlighting the test failure, he added that Prysm, the most popular Ethereum client on the testnet, was not updated to properly support Spadina. Additionally, it stated that there were low values for chain participation, with only 3,400 active validators, according to, and many of them being offline at the launch of the test.