Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Launched Successfully

ethereum 2.0 (Courtesy: Twitter)

In a major success, the Ethereum 2.0 testnet has been launched successfully on Tuesday. On its launch, the Ethereum 2.0 has been running efficiently and is live with healthy functioning. The Ethereum 2.0 includes a efficient time management which is depicted in the picture above.

At the time of launch, around 2000 people were watching the live coverage and even more watched it on the ethstaker discord with the ethereum 2.0 testnet genesis block launched.

The early signs of Ethereum 2.0 saw that there have been three epochs already and 110 blocks, so this is running and moving along.

However, rough edges have been a case in the testnet. In near future, all the teams will be helpful and quite accessible on discord, unlike Google support, and one might even get the client coders themselves.

Ahead of the launch, platform’s launch coordinator, Danny Ryan had asserted that, “After discussions with client teams, the next multi-client testnet (mainnet config including min validator numbers) will have a min genesis time of August 4th”.