Ethereum Founder Vitalik Steering Clear Of Yield Farming

Ethereum Vitalik (Courtesy: Twitter)
Ethereum Vitalik (Courtesy: Twitter)

Ethereum founder Vitalik took to twitter to notify that he is steering clear of yearn finance. I personally am steering clear of the yield farming space completely until it settles down into something more sustainable. But I’m not particularly a “smart mind in defi” so, he said via a tweet.

This comes after an Alpha leak tweet claimed that ‘prepare for some of the smartest minds in #DeFi to quit their jobs to join the $YFI community full-time soon. This is what happens when your early supporters get rich’.

Tony Sheng had earlier said that i’m pretty scared by this grocery coin thing not for defi insiders who know how to diff contracts and manage their own risk but for their friends and friends of friends who show up to play the “game” a big loss of funds is inevitable be it a hack or a scam

i’m not really interested in NIMBYing about it but as insiders, we should try our best to at the very least take care of those around us so they don’t get burned.