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Ethereum Google Search Records Yearly High

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Cryptocurrency is still an unknown commodity to a lot of people across the globe. It is however growing and captured a lot of market. In countries like China or the United States cryptocurrency is much more familiar comparing to India. There are also some countries, which have, perhaps not even invested in cryptocurrency yet and still to get off the mark.

Nigeria is one of the fastest growing country in terms of the cryptocurrency development while China is continuing to built on their dominance on mining. However, their have been claims that with the growing tokens across other countries and with cheaper resources to support it, China might not remain dominant for a long period of time.

But in a significant development, people have been wanting to know about Ethereum and its growth rate all over the year. As a result, Ethereum was searched on google more than any other cryptocurrency.

That’s both in the United States and worldwide, with interest worldwide seemingly bigger according to Google Trends.

In addition bitcoin has been more yoyo-ing, seeing yearly highs during the halvening instead of now. This difference in Google searches is reflected in the recent ethereum ratio mini bull run against bitcoin.

Suggesting there’s some correlation between price and searches as people are clearly more interested in eth than they previously were, rather than in bitcoin.

In a straight comparison however bitcoin dominates by far, although ethereum has been increasing to now 14 while bitcoin is at 72.

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