Ethereum Is “Heading To Zero Against Bitcoin (BTC),” Expert Max Keiser Predicts
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Ethereum Is “Heading To Zero Against Bitcoin (BTC),” Expert Max Keiser Predicts

  • Crypto Expert Max Keiser has predicted that Ethereum is “heading to zero against BTC,” citing fundamental differences in their underlying technologies and legal classifications.

Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser has recently reiterated his stance on Ethereum, predicting a dire future for the cryptocurrency against Bitcoin. 

Keiser’s latest critique, shared on social media platform X, revives his long standing view that Bitcoin outshines Ethereum and other altcoins on fundamental levels.

According to Keiser, Ethereum is “heading to zero against BTC,” citing fundamental differences in their underlying technologies and legal classifications.

Commodity Status And Decentralization Concerns

Keiser’s argument hinges on the idea that Ethereum is not centralized and lacks the commodity status and a decentralized proof-of-work algorithm that “bolsters” Bitcoin’s appeal.

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He points out that in countries like El Salvador, where he advises President Nayib Bukele on Bitcoin initiatives, Ethereum is regarded as an unregistered security rather than a commodity—a status that Bitcoin has maintained in regulatory circles in the United States.

Despite the criticisms from Bitcoin proponents, ETH continues to hold a substantial market position, trading above $3,800 with slight gains of 0.8% in the past 24 hours and 2% over the past week.

While Bitcoin maximalists like Kaiser remain critical of the altcoin, many experts maintain a positive outlook, anticipating that ETH could mirror Bitcoin’s historical performance of a parabolic rise.

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Notably, ETH’s recent performance comes amid positive forecasts from major financial analysts, including those from investment firm VanEck, which recently adjusted their prediction for Ethereum’s long-term price potential.

Contrasting View: VanEck Predicts A Bright Future For Ethereum

In a recent post updating its forecast for ETH, Investment firm VanEck has offered a more optimistic view, projecting ETH’s price could reach $22,000 by 2030. 

This bullish outlook is based on ETH’s role in the smart contract platform space, its ongoing development, and its ability to disrupt traditional markets.

The report from VanEck credits Ethereum’s “robust” framework for developers and its potential impact on finance and Big Tech as pivotal factors for its future valuation.

The analysts at VanEck also point to the imminent approval of spot Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as a key driver for ETH’s adoption and price increase. 

They argue that such developments will enhance ETH’s accessibility and demand, potentially leading to a significant market capitalization boost.

The VanEck analysts particularly noted:

Driven by a strong value proposition to entrepreneurs, the Ethereum network is likely to continue its rapid market share growth from traditional financial market participants and, increasingly, Big Tech. Should it do so while maintaining its dominant position among smart contract platforms, we see a credible path to $66B in free cash flow to token holders supporting a $2.2 trillion asset, or $22k per coin, by 2030.

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