Ethereum Price Surges Over $425 Mark

Ethereum  Price

The second most popular cryptocurrency continues to grow positively in the market. After hanging inside the $380 mark for quite some time it has now breached the $400 mark and continues to grow over the time.

Ethererum has grown leaps and bounds in the last 24 hours, marking a 9.74% growth rate, to be priced at $427.00. The growth brings in good news for the Ethereum investors as the continue to be profited through its constant growth, which started to take place in the past few months.

The market cap for Ethereum is currently placed at $47,899,164,670. The price data graph for Ethereum currently denotes that the cryptocurrency might fall a hint from below $427 mark, which it has currently achieved. However, it is a positive climb for Ethereum which has spent sometime inside the $400 mark.

Moreover, the over 9 per cent growth which is registered by Ethereum, is the most by any cryptocurrency in the past 24 hours with bottom placed Binance Coin being the second with over 7.94% growth.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, continues to face the resistance inside the 12k mark as it is currently priced at $11,741 with an over two percent growth.