Ethereum To Record Higher Volatility Than Bitcoin

BTC-ETH (Courtesy: Twitter)
BTC-ETH (Courtesy: Twitter)

The cryptocurrency market is uncertain and has seen a lot fluctuations in the recent times. But in the past few month the price volatility for Bitcoin has been stagnant as it has not grown on a rampant scale.

However, it has been now predicted that the volatility for Ethereum will surge more than Bitcoin. Skew mentioned in its data that the volatility for Ethereum and Bitcoin has increased by over 29%.

The prediction has shown that the volatility has increased from -2.49% to as high as 29% within a span of two months. All the permutations and combination have said that investors are pricing bigger percentage moves in ether than bitcoin over the next quarter.

“Investors are focused on DeFi and mindful of a potential big move in ETH,” said Skew’s CEO Emmanuel Goh. 

Meanwhile, as far as the market is concerned, Bitcoin is currently priced at $11,616 while Ethereum has a price over $395.50.