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Ethereum Whales Go on Buying Spree: Analysts Back Dogecoin While New Token Jumps 100%


  • On-chain analytics report a huge accumulation spree from Ethereum whales over the last week.
  • Mikybull Crypto and Rekt Capital have shared very bullish predictions for Dogecoin, with forecasts of a $1 price.
  • NuggetRush is another altcoin that has been tipped to hit the $1 mark in this bull cycle.

According to recent data shared by on-chain analytic firms, Ethereum (ETH) whales have been scooping up massive amounts of the leading altcoin. This massive accumulation spree is in anticipation of a potential bull market. Meanwhile, crypto analysts are backing two top altcoins, Dogecoin (DOGE) and NuggetRush (NUGX), to hit the $1.00 milestone in this bull cycle.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Could Be the Next Big Thing in GameFi

The immersive play-to-earn gaming of NuggetRush (NUGX) is quickly becoming popular in the crypto space. Within the NuggetRush virtual world, players will create their own avatars, go on mining adventures with friends, gather mining equipment, and gather trending NFTs.

NuggetRush also allows its users to sell the NFTs they create for real cash. The rarest NFTs in the NuggetRush ecosystem, RUSHGEM are one-of-a-kind. These NFTs can be traded for real gold and cash. In addition, these NFTs can be staked for APYs of up to 20%. 

Additionally, the NuggetRush game offers an additional real-world impact by donating a portion of its marketplace profits to non profit organizations that support artisanal miners. This social impact has made NuggetRush one of the best DeFi projects. This translated into NuggetRush raising over $3.8 million in its presale phase.

Now past the crypto ICO, NuggetRush is now inching towards the airdrop of the NUGX token. While NUGX will be listed at $0.020, the growing community of NuggetRush guarantees a major price increase. In addition, with the game set to launch in this bull cycle, analysts have set a price target of $1.00 for NUGX, making it one of the best gaming tokens to buy now.

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The Real Bull Run About To Begin for Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) was one of the top memecoins that raked in significant gains in March, where its price increased by more than 90% to hit the $0.200 level. Despite its impressive performance last month, Mikybull Crypto, in his latest DOGE analysis, explained that the “real bull run” is just about to start.

Based on his prediction, the next price target for Dogecoin is $0.300. If DOGE breaks above this level, then it could extend its gains over the next few weeks. Ali Martinez has shared a similar bullish sentiment, stating that DOGE could break above $1.00 in this bull cycle.


Ethereum (ETH) Whales Go on Accumulation Spree

Unlike Dogecoin, Ethereum (ETH) has struggled over the last month, with its price dropping by 13% over the last month. As per data shared by LookOnChain and SpotOnChain, several top Ethereum whales seized the opportunity to increase their ETH portfolios as prices dropped.

As per LookOnChain’s report, a wallet reportedly owned by Matrixport moved over 22,250 ETH (worth over $80 million off Binance). Another wallet withdrew 3,092 ETH ($11.12 million) from the same exchange. 

SpotOnChain shared several large purchases as investors anticipate a rally from ETH. While Ethereum has consolidated around the $3,500 level, crypto analysts have forecasted a potential rally above $5,000 post-Bitcoin halving. 


Closing Thoughts

The recent buying spree is a positive sign for Ethereum, as whale accumulation often precedes a market rally. Meanwhile, Dogecoin and NuggetRush are two altcoins to buy, as both coins have been forecast to rally above $1.00 in this bull market.

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