Etherscan Has Acquired Solana’s To Enhance Blockchain Data Accessibility
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Etherscan Has Acquired Solana’s To Enhance Blockchain Data Accessibility

  • Ethereum’s block explorer and analytics platform Etherscan has acquired in expansion strategy to enhance blockchain data accessibility.

Block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum, Etherscan, has acquired a prominent block explorer for the Solana ecosystem, according to an announcement made on Wednesday.

Created in 2015 by software engineer Matthew Tan, Etherscan is a free-to-use platform that allows users to track ETH wallets and access information on Ethereum-based tokens and smart contracts, including the latest data on network congestion and average gas fees.

Etherscan Acquires to “Expand Blockchain Data Services”

In a statement dated January 3, Etherscan announced that it had acquired Solana’s top block explorer as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility of blockchain data across multiple networks.

Besides tapping into Solscan’s user base, which is estimated at over three million monthly users, Etherscan will leverage the block’s “many features” that are already familiar to its 5 million active monthly users, including detailed address, token, and transaction information, as well as APIs, dashboards and NFT metadata.

“The Solscan team has proven their expertise over the years by offering detailed insights and analytics. Their expertise in making blockchain data accessible and user-friendly also aligns perfectly with our mission at Etherscan,” Etherscan CEO and founder Matthew Stan stated.

Following the acquisition, the Etherscan team has an elaborate plan to help the “entire blockchain community fulfill its promise and gain mainstream adoption.”

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What Is The Next Step?

Per the announcement, the acquisition of Solscan paves the way for Etherscan to continue executing its vision of providing “credibly neutral and equitable” access to blockchain data by integrating additional features across explorers and enhancing support for a more seamless user experience.

In a follow-up post on X (Twitter), Solscan noted that the acquisition was a “momentous step in the world of blockchain exploration” and promised “continued excellence” on Solana.

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