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Everbowl, a restaurant chain, has embraced the Bitcoin standard

Another eatery is incorporating Bitcoin into its financial statements. “At Everbowl, we believe the key to life is motion,” they declare on their website, and they’re putting their money where their mouth is. This California-based “quick-serve restaurant franchise with over 50 sites” will enter a new stage under the Bitcoin standard. Is this a gimmick or are they embracing the future of business?

Everbowl’s founder and CEO, Jeff Fenster, told Yahoo! Finance:

“We’ve concluded that running the business exclusively on cash isn’t the most advantageous, nor the safest, method of running a business in 2022 and beyond. Also, I understand that it is still early in terms of corporate adoption, as well as governmental adoption of Bitcoin, but we plan to make a contribution to this cause by leading with our example.”

Also, It’s not official yet, but Everbowl is rumored to be considering paying employees with Bitcoin. This is a brand-new territory that neither Tahinis nor MicroStrategy have explored. So, Block pays Spiral BTC employees in Bitcoin, according to Jack Dorsey, who confirmed this in a recent interview with Michael Saylor. However, Spiral BTC is an experimental company focused solely on Bitcoin development.

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