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Flipkart celebrates April Fool’s day by Acceptance of Bitcoin Payments

Flipkart celebrates April Fool's day by Acceptance of Bitcoin Payments

India’s biggest e-commerce company, Flipkart, advocated that it is now accepting Bitcoin payments. Flipkart’s recent tweet is garnering all the hype as it declares Bitcoin as a mode of payment on the popular e-commerce platform. Crypto fans got excited and confused simultaneously as the government has not yet permitted crypto to function in India. Nevertheless, Flipkart’s past supports deriving a more rational justification for the tweet. Every year, Flipkart is famous for posting April Fools tweets that often reflect the times. It appears this year; it has adopted cryptocurrency Bitcoin regarding all the hype encompassing the topic these days.

The tweet announcing Flipkart accepting Bitcoin payments went viral. The company suggested that it would be receiving Bitcoin as a suitable mode of payment. The trend started almost instantly, with most Flipkart fans complimenting the platform for its forecasting strategy. Nevertheless, soon the reality appeared as Flipkart revealed an April fool’s joke in another tweet. It was then that various long-term users noticed the timing of the tweet. Moreover, the unexpected pro-crypto attitude by Flipkart appears among a range of April fool jokes by numerous other commercial platforms.

Flipkart’s Bitcoin message a Bullish Indicator for Crypto Space?

Flipkart boasts of having over 200 million users of July 2020, implying crypto payments on the platform could look bullish for the Indian market. Nonetheless, reports have circulated that the Indian government launching a potential ban on private cryptocurrencies in the nation. Numerous Flipkart users questioned the integrity of the company’s interests. Multiple Crypto Twitter users opined that even though they considered the announcement was an April Fools’ Day joke, the message was a bullish indicator for crypto space and Bitcoin awareness. 

Others considered that if Flipkart didn’t keep up its decision regarding Bitcoin payments, the claimed joke might send users away. The crypto space is famous for fake news reports on April 1 that sometimes go viral before most leaders discover the fine print unveiling they were jokes. For a few years, CoinMarketCap has listed Toilet Paper Token (TPT) as the number “0” digital asset in its cryptocurrencies list by market capitalization. 

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