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Former hacker claims to have $7 billion in Bitcoin

Gummo, a former blackhat hacker who goes by the online handle Gummo, claims to have collected $7 billion in Bitcoin (BTC).

Despite a deluge of positive comments and posts relating to his interviews with the Soft White Underbelly YouTube channel, which has 3.18 million subscribers, there is little information about Gummo elsewhere, which could be by design or suggest that listening to his extravagant claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

He stated he’s been in the profession for more than 30 years, and while he started hacking for illegal reasons and was arrested by authorities, he’s now turned to performing positive work, such as threat hunting, cybersecurity, and developer consulting, thanks to his wife’s support and advice.

The most recent remarks were made in a follow-up interview released on March 12 following the initial debate in late 2020. Gummo said in the first video that he built four supercomputers to mine Bitcoin when the price was about $200-300 in 2013. Then, and that he generated over 80,000 BTC in a year and a half.

According to his statements, he now has almost 179,000 BTC in his possession. According to Forbes’ 2021 world’s billionaires list, if his possessions are valued at current rates. So, he would be roughly the 369th richest person on the planet:

“I’m quite wealthy. Yeah, I do not have to work if I don’t choose to.”
” I have over seven billion dollars worth of Bitcoin. ”

Gummo indicated that his current hacking effort is driven by a desire to help the little guy. That’s, rather than a desire to have a career or make money. Of course, as he underlined the significance of doing the right thing and protecting people from internet evil.

“Knowing that I’m saving someone’s granny from becoming a victim of some sort of cyber”
“extortion scheme is what gets me up in the morning and what motivates me right now,”
So, he says
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